St Gregorios Public School Infrastructure

In the quest to provide quality education, St.Gregorios Public School had embarked on an ambitious project of providing the best infrastructure in the region. The school is proud to present a massive three storied and state-of-the-art building with an area of 44,000 sq.ft built in a seven-acre campus with serene countryside atmosphere. Well ventilated classrooms of 505 sq. ft. each give children enough breathing space. Well-equipped Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab, Biology Lab, Maths Lab, Computer Lab, Office rooms, Store rooms, File rooms, a Multipurpose room etc. are some of the other highlights of the school.

Vast playground areas are an important element in providing the child the much needed physical exercises. Outdoor & indoor games are an outlet for the energy of the child. Ample  opportunities are provided to the children to play and prove their mettle in various sports and games at school, during the sports week in cricket, football, volley ball, badminton, running race, kabadi, kho-kho etc.

Our school is having a fleet of 5 buses, providing safe and comfortable transportation facilities to both students and staff.