St.Gregorios Public School is an initiative of St.Gregorios Balagram Society as part of its objective to provide excellent standards of education to the children of rural India.

Malankara Sabha Ratnam Late Lamented Dr.Geevarghese Mar Osthathios of the Indian Orthodox Church was widely known in India and abroad as a prophet of social justice and as a propagator of the Universal religion of LOVE. Thirumeni started more than 40 humanitarian institutions, movements and projects all over India for the poor and downtrodden. St.Gregorios Balagram is one among them under which the St.Gregorios Public School is started for Thirumeni’s memory.

St.Gregorios Balagram, Yacharam was started in 1985 under the guidance of Philip Rambachen (Fr K I Philip) after the succesful completion of a cyclone relief work in Machilipatanam. Rambachen and his associates started humanitarian services in a semi-permanent shed overcoming challenging circumstances with regard to travel, food, shelter, water and finally ended up converting it as a huge project of Malankara Orthodox Church which honoured him “Malankara Orthodox Sabha Missionary Jyothis”

St.Gregorios Balagram was initially established as a home for lesser privileged children. Over the past many years it has also established an Eye Hospital (in collaboration with world renowned L.V. Prasad Eye Institute) and an old age home.

St.Gregorios Balagram is an integral part of the Malankara Orthodox Church which is one of the oldest churches in India. This church was founded by St.Thomas, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ.

The Malankara Orthodox Church (oldest church dating back to AD 52) runs several charitable and educational institutions both in India and abroad. Several hospitals, old age homes, homes for orphans, Balagrams and Balikagrams, homes for leprosy patients, patients suffering from AIDS and schools are being run by the Malankara Orthodox Church.


Sabha Ratnam Late Lamented Dr.Geevarghese Mar Osthathios


Missionary Jyothis Late Philip Rambachen (Very Rev K I Philip)